Relevant and Diverse Discovery Experience

The most relevant discovery experiences are diverse. Show results from different semantic categories and content types using our vector diversification API.

  • Diverse multimedia results from FAQ, images and more
  • Show your results in diverse semantic categories

No credit card. 10K monthly requests for free.

Go beyond list of results

Discovery is so much more than just a keyword search

Today, users demand more than just keyword matched results when engaging with content. With Relevance AI you can create discovery features on par with Google.

  • Diverse search results & recommendations
  • Interpret questions & answers
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Engage users with the best discovery experience

Every great product or content site is powered by a discovery engine. Our simple API helps you build yours. Start with search, grow into AI features like recommendation with unbelievable ease.

Instant search
  • Instant, relevant results
  • Typo tolerant (fuzzy search)
  • Filter, sort & facet
  • Instantsearch.js compatible
Enhance with AI
  • Understand synonyms
  • Understand context
  • Understand slang
  • No manual rules or maps
Grow your discovery engine
  • Recommendations
  • Image search
  • Chunking & diversity
  • Clustering & aggregation
Example of search UI with highlighting
Instant search out of the box

Lightning fast, typo-tolerant search is just the beginning

Don’t rely on basic database queries to help users find what they need. Increase retention and activation through optimized, fast search.

  • Smart results as they type
  • Fuzzy typo tolerance
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Understand actual meaning

Start reading your user’s mind with AI features

While other search solutions promise AI, usually what they deliver is augmentation. Our intelligence genuinely understands human meaning to drive true discovery.

  • Understand synonyms & slang
  • Interpret contextual cues
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Get started with 10K monthly requests

Our generous free plan lets you get going without even entering a credit card. All you have to do is link back to Relevance AI from your site.

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Example of recommendation engine for games
Proactively engage your users

Intelligently connect your users to content they’ll love

Recommend similar content to your users based on their preferences, behaviour and/or the current content they’re viewing.

  • Recommendations powered by AI
  • Handles like and dislikes
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“Relevance AI allowed us to quickly deliver production-quality AI analysis from social media text and images that our 10k+ customers love and have used over 3 million+ times.”

Image of Hugh Stephens from Sked Social

Hugh Stephens

Founder, Sked Social – Top Social Marketing Platform

“Relevance AI has allowed our app developers to carry out unstructured data analysis that our millions of gamers love. We have seen apps where gamers are up to 200% more engaged.”

Image of Hugh Stephens from Sked Social

Jason Lee

Director of Business Development, Overwolf – #1 In-game creators platform

“Relevance AI has not only helped uncover the actionable insights from our unstructured data that helps save millions in repeated construction mistakes. Relevance also helped further align the business with the data team to become more data-driven.”

Image of Hugh Stephens from Sked Social

GM of Data Science, Listed construction company

“Relevance AI’s capabilities to analyze unstructured data has helped us surface to our users their bad tendencies and provide actionable recommendations to them that have increased our engagement and session times by 200%.”

Image of Hugh Stephens from Sked Social

Founder, Gaming website with 15 million+ monthly traffic

Skip the frontend boilerplate

Prebuilt UI components with InstantSearch.js

InstantSearch.js is a great open source library for creating search user interfaces. Simply pass in our InstantSearch client into the components.

  • Plug our client into the components
  • Works without any extra configuration
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Logs of interacting with Relevance AI dataset
Skip the dev ops wrangling

Start moving the needle, not configuring Elasticsearch

Our API brings all of the power you’ll ever need, without the nightmare of configuring and productionizing a solution like Elasticsearch.

  • Works out of the box
  • Handles 100+ million daily requests
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Shh… the secret sauce

Equip yourself with the same AI powering tech giants

Relevance AI utilises an AI data format called “vectors”. Vectors are the tech behind features like Spotify’s “Discover” and Netflix “Because You Watched”.

  • Get started without training or labelling
  • Work with any qualitative data format
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Launch your discovery engine today

Simply upload your data or insert from our API, and search will work out of the box. 10,000 free monthly requests, no credit card required.

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