Instant search API that
understands meaning

Add lightning fast, AI powered semantic search to your app. Without manual rules or definitions, your search will connect users with exactly what they’re looking for.

100K monthly requests. No credit card required.

Next gen instant search API

What's all the hype about?

We provide the most complete instant search solution, powered natively by AI to connect users with relevant content. It just works.

Relevance AI

Lightning fast search

Simple, robust API

Easy to use dashboard

Filtering, sorting & facets

AI powered synonym handling

AI enhanced context

Intelligent typo handling


Manual rules for synonyms

Basic typo handling

Can't understand context

Lots of re-indexing required

Very low level AI features


Difficult to productionize

Requires a lot of maintenance

Need to create your own API

No prebuilt AI functionality

Relies on manual rules

Semantic search can

Understand synonyms
without defining them

Through the power of AI, your search will understand synonyms without having to define a bunch of relationships and definitions.

Example of Synonyms semantic search
Semantic search can

Understand slang
without creating rules

As with synonyms, there’s no need to set up manual rules to understand slang. Our AI has you covered.

Example of Slang Semantic Search
Semantic search can

Understand context
like humans do

Relevance AI is able to navigate the intricacies of search query context. We know what your users really mean, beyond key words.

Example of context semantic search

Our secret sauce is an AI
data format called "vectors"

Vectorizing your data captures its meaning in a format machines can understand. Through our API or dashboard, vectorize your key fields to enable semantic search features.

Girl exploring data

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We believe in unlocking all of the world’s qualitative data. That’s why we provide a generous free usage tier for indiehackers and startups.

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100K monthly searches

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Enterprise Scale

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Custom high volume plans

Added compliance features

Premium support

All in one solution

Flexible semantic search API

Packaging your essential query building tools, with performant semantic vector search and a heavy dose of simplicity.


Instant responses

Hosted solution

Enterprise ready

High availability


Sorting without indices

Filtering & faceting

Combine vectors & text

Edit weightings


Powered by vectors

Understands synonyms

Understands slang

Understands context


Easy to use API

AIS Component Client

WordPress Plugin

Firebase Plugin


Search any data format
to go beyond text

Search formats like images and audio, with any other format, by converting them into vectors. No need for tagging or training. It just works.

Man sitting on shoulder of giants, staring into vector space

Robust AI semantic search
you can set up in 5 minutes

We make it super easy to import your data and implement search via API or dashboard.

Powering discovery for leading businesses

We don’t like to brag, but we don’t mind letting our customers do it for us. Here are a few nice things folks have said about Relevance AI.