Unstructured data analytics for Retail

Analyse qualitative feedback and open ended comments at scale to launch more frequent voice of customer initiatives for more insights. Get a holistic view of what customers need. Understand their preferences and shopping behaviour in-depth.

  • Improve customer experience
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Increase sales and enhance range in stores

Understand your customers significantly better, with less effort

Automate unstructured data analytics at scale. Analyse open ended customer feedback using our proprietary Natural Language Processing engine out of the box. Say goodbye to a manual, painful analysis process. Enjoy the powerful, no-code AI features.

Clustering and sentiment analysis
  • Analyse qualitative feedback
  • Automated text summary
  • Surface common themes
  • Analyse sentiment and emotions
Root casue analysis
  • Understand what drives customers
  • Drill-down into common themes
  • Sub-cluster categories
  • Highlight key phrases
Link KPIs to qualitative text
  • Link to NPS, OSAT, CSAT and more
  • Trend analysis with time series
  • Measure frequency and volume
  • Size the impact of common themes

One platform, for everyone

With Relevance AI, Customer Insights teams can deliver the voice of customers to their stakeholders within minutes instead of weeks.

Store/Category Managers

Identify the brand names and products that customers want. Understand trending range categories and analyse how they change over time.

Product Owners

Understand customers’ digital and in-store experience. Optimize customer journeys and touchpoints based on actionable insights.

Marketing Managers

Analyse the qualitative aspects of your marketing campaigns. Understand the drivers that have highest impact on customer advocacy.

“With Relevance AI we can analyse open ended customer feedback at scale. Finally we can listen to our customers and let them say what they want!”

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Customer Insights Lead

Retail, Australia

Qualitative feedback analysis at scale

Analyse customer feedback through open text fields.

Our AI understands the meaning of text. It finds linkages between context providing actionable insights from open-ended comments left by customers.

  • AI powered summaries from open ended feedback
  • Automatically structure and quantify qualitative data
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Customer feedback analysis with out of the box AI models
Product and category insights

Identify emerging trends in customer preferences.

Analyse range categories that customers want. Understand how they vary based on store, location, season and different customer segments.

  • Identify products that customers want
  • Understand customer perception of brands
Increased customer satisfaction

Understand the drivers of positive and negative customer sentiment and emotions

Serve customers better by understanding their emotions and feelings in their comments. Reduce complaints and increase customer satisfaction.

  • Understand common complaints and incidents
  • Identify categories with highest impact on customer advocacy

Analyse all your data sources in one place

Your customers express their feedback across a multitude of channels that can result in thousands of open ended, qualitative comments every week. Take advantage of all unstructured data, across all channels using the Relevance AI platform.

  • Voice of Customer surveys
  • Social media posts and messages
  • Emails to Contact Centre and Support
  • Customer support calls
  • Online reviews
  • Customer chatbot conversations
  • Webform submissions
  • Comments in ERP and CRM softwares

Enter the new era of unstructured data analytics

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