Supercharge your Redis with unstructured data search and analytics

Supercharge your Redis with the most powerful unstructured analytics capabilities. Together we enable all teams across the organization to analyze their unstructured data end-to-end, for the first time ever. Modernize your data infrastructure to the highest level to get the most out of your unstructured data.

  • Enjoy the speed & reliability of Redis
  • Take advantage of the best Unstructured Data AI capabilities
  • Benefit from the ease of use of Relevance AI
Why is this so important?

Unstructured Data is growing everyday in size & importance

The importance of unstructured data has never been higher. Most businesses are unable to utilize this asset at all. The modern data stack was designed for structured data.

  • 80% of all data is unstructured and growing
  • 85% of companies are unable to take advantage of it
How does this benefit you?

Take advantage of the most powerful Unstructured Data Platform

With Relevance AI, you get everything you need to transform, analyze and visualize your unstructured data stored with Redis.

  • Plug and play with no-code AI workflows
  • Hosted and managed end-to-end, in a full package
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Built for collaboration

The ultimate platform that provides an end-to-end & accessible experience for anyone to embrace true collaboration.

For Data Teams

Add powerful workflows from your native python script or notebook. Business users can now run them repeatedly against their dataset without code, via a purpose-built presentation layer.

For Business Teams

Get started by just uploading your unstructured data in the form of CSV or an existing SQL table. Run no-code workflows to analyse your data in minutes. Interpret and share your actionable insights.

For Decision Makers

Unlock the huge potential in your unstructured data to make more informed decisions. Achieve a much faster time to insight enabling your team to iterate more, faster. Empower your team with the latest tech.

Start in minutes with a no-code experience

  • Library of no-code AI workflows for unstructured data
  • Powerful dashboard for unstructured data

Empower flexible collaboration with Python SDK

  • Add new python & notebook workflows to library
  • Take any python visualization to the dashboard

Use cases

Empower your users with the ability to semantically search through all kinds of unstructured data such as text, image, audio and video. Search and compare documents to expedite tedious lookups. Save thousands of hours manually labelling text data.

  • Semantic search
  • Recommendation systems
  • Document similarity
  • Text categorization
  • Sentiment & emotion Analysis
  • Fraud detection

Enter the new era of unstructured data with Relevance AI and Redis

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