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Discover your data’s story in the Qualitative Cloud

Nearly 80% of your business data is image, text, audio or other qualitative formats. Stop wasting it in cold storage. Create data driven apps and analysis with Relevance AI.

Transform qualitative data into business value

Analyse any file type without wrangling. Upload a file for analysis, integrate with your favourite data sources, or unify different sources in minutes.
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    Ingest multiple data sources

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    Process in Qualitative Cloud workflows

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    Extract key concepts for analysis

Data Sources Input Data Sources Output


Relevance AI handles more than 100 million weekly requests from enterprises and SMEs



Scale in a trusted environment

Understand the health of your qualitative workflows and data with full access management and governance to monitor the most business-critical workflows. Compliant with key data security and privacy policies.



Work with any data format

Rapidly extract meaning out of any qualitative data like images, spreadsheets, word documents, PDFs, video, audio, CSV or JSON by enabling analysis that you’d expect to be possible with quantitative data.

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Power real features through our API

Use our platform to power AI recommendation and search engines through simple API endpoints for your application.
Unstructured data Album
We handle everything in between
Metadata stored in database
Audio files encoded into vectors
Recommend similar audio vectors
Intelligent AI powered features Album


Relevance AI is powered by VecDB, our enterprise ready vector engine accessible via API

For Business Analysts

Your collections

For Product Managers

Data pipeline

Data received from API endpoint
Encoding “image_url” field for image search
Encode “description” field for text search

For Data Scientists

Monitor your collections

Collection Documents Searches Storage
sales_q1 12,303 492,452 33mb
sales_q2 20,122 382,132 57mb

For Marketing Managers

Analysis of imported data from Twitter

Images that result in high “likes”
Recommended hashtags

Unlock new ways to use your data

Relevance AI takes your data from anywhere and runs automated pipelines to unlock powerful business value, from new features to new revelations.
Unstructured data Line Chart
We handle everything in between
Extract data from any source
Encode text and metrics
Deliver smart insights from your data
Insightful AI powered analysis Line Chart

Semantic Search API

Looking for an alternative to Elasticsearch text search or Algolia? Our semantic search API helps you easily implement site search that understands meaning.

Build AI powered workflows for scale

Drag and drop a workflow in the Qualitative Cloud that achieves your desired output and we will auto build the pipelines.
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Great out of box performance

Get up and running today with out-of-the-box performance designed for all use cases. Continuously improve the performance with our automated AI learning and flexible configurations.

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No manual work required

Our platform yields powerful results, without time consuming training and labelling. By encoding your data in Relevance AI, take advantage of its value within hours, not months. Analyse, recommend, search and cluster your data without complex configuration.

Automatic Encoding