Meet the Team: Regine Marte, Front End Engineer.

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What do I do at Relevance AI? 

Hi, my name is Regine Marte, and I’m a Frontend Engineer at Relevance AI.

My three main responsibilities are:
1 – developing features for our data experimentation platform
2 – fixing bugs within our platform
3 – maintaining the code base.

Most of my time is spent working with other teams to develop and constantly improve our product for our core user base.

My career’s journey so far  

I graduated in the middle of last year from a computer science degree. Previously I worked as software developer at a start up called Lumaway where I worked part time during university. This helped me to develop my web development skillset, application of technical concepts and theory.

After I graduated, I took up a role at Relevance AI and started honing my front end skills – something that’s always been an interest of mine.

What I’m most excited about 

My favourite part about being a developer is, well, developing! At Relevance AI, we move at such a fast pace that each week feels like there’s always something new to work on.

I feel constantly challenged and learn a lot whenever there’s a new feature to integrate in the dashboard. It’s always super fulfilling when we push out a feature we feel will be useful to our users.

What my average day at Relevance AI looks like

  • I start my day, checking Slack for messages to make sure I’m across any important progress on tasks and reply to urgent messages.
  • Next, I begin reflecting on my day ahead to report in the team stand up on tasks that I’ll do next.
  • After the standup, I get started on what I have planned. Usually this is a mix of: working on features, fixing bugs and optimising the code base.

What I do when I’m not at work

When I’m not at work, I like to look after my plants. When the pandemic started, I really got into indoor gardening, and this has recently been my favourite down time leisure. I also like to play ultimate frisbee occasionally, and wind down with a good show on Netflix.

Meet the Team: Regine Marte, Front End Engineer.
Elaha Gurgani
May 19, 2022
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