Meet the Team: Jacky Wong, Lead Data Scientist & Engineer

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What I’m doing at Relevance AI

At Relevance AI, I am the founding Lead Data scientist & Engineer. My major focus is on researching and prototyping to guarantee that we can continue to work on embeddings, but my responsibilities and activities range anything from customer success to marketing.

My career journey to Relevance AI

I started my career working as an actuary, but realised quickly I wanted to work more closely with technology and software. I then joined a small startup for a year when I worked under the mentorship of Dima Galat who was an incredible mentor and data scientist. During this year, I competed and ranked highly in a lot of data science competitions for fun and to learn as much as I could. ​I ended up ranking highly (top 5%) in a number of international and national data science competitions hosted by GoogleAtlassianEY across a lot of data science domains — natural language processing, tabular data, geospatial prediction to image processing. 

​Afterwards, I joined WooliesX and also began working with Relevance AI (then Vector AI). During this time, I got addicted to all the interesting unstructured data problems that Relevance AI was working on, and before I knew it, I started working with them full time.

What I’m most excited about working at Relevance AI

​Working on unstructured data problems with the incredible team we are building to help people unlock what was previously considered impossible! 

What my average day at Relevance AI looks like

I wake up and walk to the office. Once I get there, I usually check Slack, answer emails, re-prioritize, get a coffee, then try to identify how much coding I can get done today. The day then varies between coding/meetings/planning/research/prototyping and reading! Now and then, I like to throw myself into a problem and pull all-nighters because I think it’s great for the soul!

What I do outside of work

I enjoy coding, great music, coffee, and reading most things based on artificial intelligence and startups.

Meet the Team: Jacky Wong, Lead Data Scientist & Engineer
Elaha Gurgani
May 2, 2022
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