Meet the Team: Emre Erten, Designer & Illustrator

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What do I do at Relevance AI? 

Hi, I’m Emre Erten, and I’m a Designer & Illustrator at Relevance AI.

At Relevance AI, I work as a designer and illustrator. Primarily, I work in the marketing and branding fields, but with a wide range of tasks, I often work on design briefs from other departments.

My career’s journey so far  

Starting out, I studied visual communications and design, then once I graduated from university, I moved into the textile sector defining patterns.

After that, my next role was at the Australian Tax Office’s where I worked in the customer service department, followed up joining a tech startup’s customer service department, and finally to Safety Culture’s design team, where I worked there for a number of years.

My role at Safety Culture was as a Team Illustrator focused on empty states and brands, where I learned how to analyse a product feature and graphically represent it.

When I spotted Relevance AI’s job ad on Linkedin, their purpose resonated with me, and I sent off my application, received a response, then everything went smoothly after that.

What I’m most excited about 

I am definitely looking forward to collaborating with colleagues who are so passionate about the technical aspect of a product and refining the issues. I’ve enjoyed studying the technical aspects of a product and stepping outside of my comfort zone to take on a new challenge.

What my average day at Relevance AI looks like

  • In the morning, I review what needs to be done from the previous day and add to that list. I scan Linear for any new design tickets, then read comments left on Figma.
  • From there, work on the list that has been completed. Currently, I’m working on infographics with our co-founder, Jacky Koh about how the Relevance AI process is applied to our community. Coming from a non-technical background, working on this project and collaborating with the team has been a learning experience for me.
  • I prioritise my workload to leave room for ad-hoc design requests as the business requirements are in a constant change of flux, not bound by any norms.

What I do when I’m not at work

During my downtime, I appreciate reading. At the moment, I am in the midst of a graphic novel by Cartoonist Will McPhail. Otherwise, you would see me in the gym, where I go four times a week.

Meet the Team: Emre Erten, Designer & Illustrator
Elaha Gurgani
May 19, 2022
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