Meet the Team: Elaha Gurgani, BizOps Analyst

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What do I do at Relevance AI? 

I work with the founders, Jacky Koh and Daniel Vassilev to support the cross functional teams and operationalise our systems, build our startup culture and grow our community in the ANZ  market. I have a real passion for bringing people together and optimising systems for better outcomes.

Most of all, I support the founders’ in propelling their mission forward and empowering our customers to make better decisions using our accessible vector-based, data science platform. 

My career’s journey so far  

My strength lies in thriving in fast-paced environments and adapting very quickly. In my previous role, I played a well-rounded generalist role as Head of Events at Textbook Ventures. I oversaw creating educational events around modern topics that affect our world for the young demographic to learn from.  

Some of the topics revolved around Venture Capital, Cryptocurrency and Angel Investing.  

I sourced speakers with leaders from Yahoo! Inc., the Founder of Ventures Firms, and Defi Startup. 

What I look forward to the most every morning 

I’m excited to work closely with cross-functional teams to strategise and align on operations, timeframe and solve blockers to build the best clustering product in the market. I also look forward to facilitating educational content and product workshops to better involve the community in our building process. 

My typical day at Relevance AI: 

  • I spend the first half of my mornings working on projects that require deep focus – like right now, it’s researching books & articles on how to standardise our onboarding processes, as well as improve the cultural values that drive our team.
  • My afternoons are scheduled with meetings, calls and Slack chats amongst our different teams. I make suggestions how I can help with any operational, cultural or productivity blockers. Furthermore, I also reach out to external communities & organisations with plans to organise workshops or programs that make our presence felt in the community our start up comes out of stealth mode. 
  • We have an important milestone to achieve in a month, so in my role I’m working to implement a strategy sprint week for the team that aligns our objectives. This will give us a greater opportunity to collaborate achieve our goals by the end of February.  
  • My day ends by checking in with our Operations Manager Bedi Zajkas to talk strategy and update each other on our progress within the Ops team. 

Meet the Team: Elaha Gurgani, BizOps Analyst
Benedek Zajkas
January 28, 2022
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