Meet the Team: Daniel Palmer, Lead Front-End Developer

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What I’m doing at Relevance AI

I lead the implementation and design of the Relevance AI dashboard, which helps data teams visualize and communicate their unstructured data analysis.

How did I get here (career journey to Relevance AI)

I met Dan & Jacky (Relevance AI co-founders) while running my startup, Tribefire. We both lived in the startup ecosystem fostered by the great teams at INCUBATE and Galileo Ventures. We connected quickly over our shared love for building and iterating rapidly on projects. When the two of them started Relevance AI, they asked me to get involved and the decision was easy.

What I’m most excited about working at Relevance AI

The technology we are building on top of is scarily powerful, and often feels like magic. The challenge is building a usable and value-adding product on top of it. Very rarely in life do you get the chance to apply design, frontend, and product skills on a platform with so much raw potential.

What my average day at Relevance AI looks like

I start each day by diving into a small coding task, like a bug or small feature. Visual Studio Code is where I’m at home and it is a great place to ease into things. Then we have our team standups and I spend time making sure that our frontend team is equipped with things to do, as well as planning the big picture projects in code or design to spend the rest of my day on. I’m often in and out of meetings with other teams or clients to figure out how to best keep our dashboard sprints in line with the needs of relevant stakeholders. But my favorite work involves getting into code on a big feature. There’s no thrill like it.

What I do when I’m not at work

I have a lot of energy, and so like to make sure all of my days and nights are packed out. My number one hobby is football (soccer), and I play or train multiple times a week. I will never miss football training on Tuesday nights. However, I’m also extremely passionate about music – particularly post-punk, pop-punk, jazz, dance-pop, and electro-pop. Apart from hobbies, you’ll often find me at the pub catching up or doing pop trivia with my mates. Always have time for my mates.

Meet the Team: Daniel Palmer, Lead Front-End Developer
Benedek Zajkas
April 26, 2022
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