Meet the Team: Chingis Dugarzhapov, Lead Site Reliability Engineer.

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What do I do at Relevance AI? 

Hi, my name is Chingis Dugarzhapov – Lead Site Reliability Engineer.

My role’s core responsibility is to keep our backend systems up and running at all times and ensure that they are operating correctly, securely, and quickly.

Observability is all part of the game – we should be able to see how our applications are performing in real-time and find out why it is not doing well.

My career’s journey so far  

I began my career in France as a software engineer writing backend code in C++. Later on, I transitioned into a DevOps role, where I led the software delivery pipeline at a large scale.

After moving to the Netherlands my title changed to Cloud Engineer & SRE, but the work itself didn’t change much except for one key area: it was my first step into the observability field, which piqued my interest in working at Elastic.

This journey has led me to Relevance AI.

What I’m most excited about 

I am always looking forward to making things reliable. As we all know – there is no such thing as clean code without issues. Output quality is the result of team work. I like this social aspect of my job.

What my average day at Relevance AI looks like

  • I start my day with a morning stand-up, receiving updates from the team on any difficulties and roadblocks they face.
  • In the afternoon, I may take calls and do some coding work. This would include reviewing work from my co-workers, a discussion on architectural change, or testing out a new piece of technology.

What I do when I’m not at work

I enjoy the outdoors with lots of activities in the water, an occasional football or basketball game.

When I am stuck at home, I tinker with various devices, but I am currently busy building my own system for home farming automation that tracks sunlight and soil humidity.

Meet the Team: Chingis Dugarzhapov, Lead Site Reliability Engineer.
Elaha Gurgani
May 19, 2022
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