Meet the Team: Andres Slaughter, Marketing Insights Analyst

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What I’m doing at Relevance AI

My primary role is Marketing Insights Analyst which is a fancy way of saying data interpreter. Objectives of mine are to determine the best combination of data and visualization to create viral pieces of content to increase overall brand awareness. I also work as a content strategist, proofing/editing, creating web pages, and writing long-form copy for our website.

My career journey to Relevance AI

I was working as a Marketing Manager for a Global 300 company at the time and wasn’t super sure on where I wanted to go next until I had one meeting with Relevance AI and was immediately sold on their vision and company culture which sparked a continued motivation in my role at Relevance.

What I’m most excited about working at Relevance AI

I love seeing all the possibilities of organizing unstructured data and sharing the blossoming number of use cases for each industry. Every company has data and most of it is a gold mine of unstructured data that is just waiting to be leveraged.

What my average day at Relevance AI looks like

I always start with a cup of straight black coffee and dive into my calendar to see what meetings I have, calls with colleagues, etc. Then I dive into my outline of tasks for the day and strive to accomplish 3 important tasks and anything after that is typically icing on the cake. I post any content towards the latter part of my day as I’m wrapping up my work and prepare a task list for the day to follow.

What I do outside of work

You’ll usually find me creating data visualizations for a community of nearly 12,000 people on social media or diving into a new skill via online courses. I do enjoy the outdoors and staying active which involves trips to the gym and weekend hiking trips.

Meet the Team: Andres Slaughter, Marketing Insights Analyst
Elaha Gurgani
May 6, 2022
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