Unstructured data analysis for Media & Communications

Understand hidden insights related to rapidly changing media preferences and consumer behaviours. Identify audience insights from unstructured, qualitative data. Relevance AI provides the fastest solution to automate unstructured data analysis at scale.

  • Analyse unstructured text at scale in minutes instead of weeks
  • Understand your audience deeper than ever before
  • Grow your audience, increase subscriber count

Understand today’s evolving consumers in real time

Automate the analysis of audience Insights surveys at scale. Leverage our proprietary Natural Language Processing engine out of the box. Say goodbye to a manual, painful analysis process. Enjoy the powerful, no-code AI features.

Clustering and sentiment analysis
  • Analyse sentiment and emotions
  • Automated text summary
  • Surface common themes
  • Analyse qualitative feedback
Root casue analysis
  • Understand audience behaviours
  • Drill-down into common themes
  • Sub-cluster categories
  • Highlight key phrases
Link KPIs to qualitative text
  • Link to NPS, OSAT, CSAT and more
  • Trend analysis with time series
  • Measure frequency and volume
  • Size the impact of common themes
Actionable insights across business units

One platform, meaningful recommendations for everyone

Provide content & audience insights cross functionally from multiple data sources. Visualise insights from unstructured data and share the learning with anyone.

  • Intuitive audience analysis and reporting
  • Insights for marketing, operations and brand managers
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“The Relevance AI platform is a game changer for us. Now we can gather more and deeper insights from our audience and we can analyse them 10x faster than before.”

Image of Hugh Stephens from Sked Social

Head of Audience Insights

Media, Australia

Audience trends and consumption patterns

Analyse consumer behaviour through open text fields

Understanding qualitative aspects of consumer behaviour will give you deeper insights of audience trends, market trends and competition.

  • Be up to date with social and cultural trends
  • Measure audience needs with volume and frequency
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content preferences
Better content and programmes performance

Understand content preferences from qualitative insights

Get actionable insights from unstructured data at scale. Influence content decision making – editorial, programmes, and marketing.

  • Optimise content curation & distribution
  • Forecast content and product performance
Optimized marketing and advertising strategy

Understand your audience’s marketing preferences

Discover valuable and actionable insights automatically to leverage in marketing and advertising. Analyse qualitative consumer data to drive personalized marketing.

  • More data driven marketing activities
  • Forecast content and product performance

Top VoC Tools vs. Relevance AI

  • Learn about the most important things Voice of the Customer tool providers don’t want you to know.
  • Compare Relevance AI, Medallia, Qualtrics, InMoment, Thematic, Chattermill and Kapiche
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