Market Research Analysis

Qualitative, free text, and audio data hide invaluable market insights. But manual coding and analysis are inaccurate, time-consuming and costly. Relevance AI automatically analyses large volumes of open-ended, qualitative data with 90% accuracy right out of the box, in minutes instead of weeks.

  • More accurate insights in minutes instead of weeks
  • AI-generated dynamic taxonomy vs. fixed taxonomy
  • Analyse and compare sentiment and emotions over time

Analyse qualitative data in real-time

Automate the analysis of qualitative and hybrid research data at scale. Leverage our proprietary Natural Language Processing engine out of the box. Say goodbye to a manual, painful analysis process. Enjoy the powerful, no-code AI features.

Reduce manual reading and coding
  • No need to create manual rules
  • No need to update and maintain code
  • More efficient, less time consuming
  • Discover unknown unknowns
Clustering and sentiment analysis
  • Analyse sentiment and emotions
  • Automated text summary
  • Surface common themes
  • Understand behaviours and motives
Root casue analysis
  • Analyse qualitative comments
  • Drill-down into themes
  • Sub-cluster categories
  • Automated entity extraction

“Finally an AI that actually works. Relevance AI proved it by analysing and playing back our data within hours. Now our clients can get better insights from qualitative data, way faster.”

Image of Hugh Stephens from Sked Social

Director of Market Research


Real-time Analytics

Get actionable insights in minutes

Get actionable insights within minutes after the arrival of new data. Utilize the power of pre-trained AI models out of the box, and save your team’s resources from time-consuming manual reading and coding.

  • No need to train the AI, or do manual coding
  • Ask more qualitative questions, get better insights
Depth of insights
New Depth of Insights

Uncover insights that you didn’t know that exist

Our AI encodes the meaning of text and audio; therefore, it truly understands context. It eliminates inconsistencies and biases that are inherent in manual coding and interpretation.

  • The AI creates the taxonomy based on context
  • Uncover how new themes emerge over time
Insights Into Sentiment and Emotions

Understand the real drivers behind consumer needs

Understand how people feel about brands, products, social phenomena and more. Such qualitative aspects of consumer behaviour will give you deeper insights.

  • Uncover how sentiment changes over time
  • Automate sentiment and emotion analysis with AI
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AI powered market research analysis
AI Powered, Automated Analysis

Use state-of-the-art AI, without any coding

Our pre-trained AI uses the most innovative unsupervised learning approach. It understands the semantic meaning of text and audio instead of relying on keyword-based rules.

  • Language agnostic, AI-generated taxonomy
  • Edit what the AI has labelled to train it further
An End-to-end, No-code Platform

Take advantage of our powerful tech with self-service

Drag and drop any text or audio data from multiple sources. Or set up a connection with our pre-built integrations. Build customizable reports and dashboards, charts, filters and aggregations.

  • Upload and analyze any qualitative or hybrid data
  • Share dashboards or export your analysis
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