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Want a risk free way to experiment with AI? Apply to our AI Project Inclubator to have Relevance AI’s engineers prototype and demo a tailored proof of concept. No strings!

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Needle moving challenges

You are able to demonstrate this is a business priority - either by quantifying how painful it is, or the opportunity this project unlocks. Lorem ipsum, lorem ipsum more latin here so same size.

invested & excited

Bring in key stakeholders

We are only interested in building solutions that have a needle moving impact - going wide is part fo the design process and ultimately results in better solutions and problem framing.


Be able to spend the time

The best solutions require feedback and iteration. After an initial scoping session (1 - 2 hours), we typically like to catch up in weekly sprint meetings (1 hour / wk) to discuss progress and blockers.


Have domain expertise

You are able to help us navigate through the nuances of your industry, or data so we can maintain an awareness of the ‘bigger picture’ during sprints. Lorem ipsum lroem ipsumsfsd caceciulius.


“Vector-based technology will power the next Google's and Amazon's. Relevance AI makes building vector-based applications as simple as Stripe makes payments.”

Shuning Zhaoprofile

Shuning Zhao

Cofounder, Data Science & AI Association

“Vectors are the future of data-driven search and recommendation. Relevance AI will help fuel the next generation of AI driven developers and data scientists.”

James Alexanderprofile

James Alexander

Partner, Galileo

“Relevance has made our app AI driven, unlocking features that drive insights & coaching. Our millions of gamers love it, more engaged than ever.”

Jason Leeprofile

Jason Lee

Director of Business Development, Overwolf