Elden Ring: Early Product Launch Review Analysis

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Elden Ring is an extremely popular video game that has taken the world by storm. In a few short weeks, it has achieved:

  • 5th best selling game in the past 12 months
  • Achieved a 95/100 aggregate rating on MetaCritic
  • 2nd most reviewed game on OpenCritic
  • 3rd highest amount of viewers (900k) on Twitch within 24 hours of release
  • Occupied 4 out of the top 5 highest sold games on the weekly Steam charts.
  • Reached a peak of 953k concurrent players on Steam, the sixth highest of all time on the platform

With so much going on, we thought we’d take a look at what players have been saying!

We took 20k reviews from Steam’s API and used Relevance AI to analyze and clustered them based on similarity to identify themes and trends.

Did you know that 116 reviewers left negative reviews specifically mentioning how the game performances on an RTX 3080 graphics card?

If you are keen to create your own granular, detailed customer product review analysis like this, then read on until the end.

Overall Product Review Analysis

  • The review dataset was grouped into clusters by review content similarity.
    • If a review complained about lag, then it was extremely likely to be clustered with other reviews about lag.
  • The most positive reviews were one to four words long, across 9 different review clusters.
    • These reviews didn’t have a large amount of upvotes and were low effort reviews
    • These reviews labelled the game as “great”, “very good”, “excellent”, “fantastic”
  • The most upvoted reviews (suggesting others in agreement) were as follows.
    • 42 reviewers took the opportunity to ask FromSoftware to release Bloodborne on the PC with an average of 88 upvotes.
    • 108 reviewers mentioned Soulsborne by name with an average of 81 upvotes.
    • 116 reviewers left their negative sentiment reviews about how the Elden Ring performs on an RTX 3080, with an average of 74 upvotes.
    • 77 reviewers asked or made reference to in-game character maidens with 31 upvotes on average.
    • 107 review contained Miyazaki – specifically thanking him or mentioning the director of Elden Ring, Hidetaka Miyazaki which attracted 21 upvotes on average.

Most negative sentiment review topics

  • Unplayable – 106 Reviewers
    • 106 reviewers made complaints about the game being unplayable.
    • Average negative sentiment was -0.25 – bottom 4%
  • PC Port – 139 reviewers
    • 139 reviewers complained about the quality of the PC port version with mentions of “frame rates”, “port issues”, “emulator”
    • Average negative sentiment was -0.04 – bottom 29%
  • Bad Porting – 121 reviewers
    • 121 reviewers left one to five word text reviews relating to “ports” “bad port” “porting”. Similar to the above feedback cluster.
    • Average negative sentiment was -0.2 – bottom 7%
  • Lack of Ultrawide Screen Support – 37 reviewers
    • 37 reviewers complained about a lack of ultrawide screen support mentioning “ultrawide”, “ultrawidescreen” or “1440p”
    • These were extremely negative in sentiment and attracted a large amount of upvotes.
    • Average negative sentiment was -0.17 – ranked bottom 9%
  • Refund – 52 reviewers
    • 52 reviewers made reviews requesting a refund.
    • An example of this was “Refunded after less than an hour. Game looks terrible on PC and will not go above 45 FPS. Everything is grainy, choppy, and game frequently stutters.”
    • Average negative sentiment was -0.16 – bottom 11%
  • Controllers & Gamepad – 147 reviewers
    • 147 reviewers mentioned “controllers”, “joysticks” and “gamepads”.
    • Average negative sentiment was -0.13 – bottom 15%
  • FPS & Frame Rate Stuttering – 148 reviewers
    • 148 reviewers complained about FPS & Frame Rate Stuttering or game crashes.
    • Average negative sentiment was -0.02 – bottom 35%

Most positive sentiment review topics mentioned by reviews

  • Absolutely amazing” – 84 reviewers
    • 84 reviewers declared Elden Ring as “absolutely amazing so far”, “So Far amazing”, “Its absolutely fantastic” etc
    • This attracted a positive sentiment score of 0.52 – top 1% across all review clusters.
  • “Best game I ever played” – 273 reviewers
    • 273 reviewers made the bold statement that this was the “best game I have ever played” or “greatest game of all time”
    • Some of these reviews referenced games like “Zelda”
    • This attracted a positive sentiment score of 0.42 – in the top 1% across all review clusters
  • Performance Issues but Positive Review – 52 reviewers
    • Reviews mentioned “It’s incredible. There’s performance issues that need addressed but I’m having a great time.” or “Pretty amazing. Performance issues have not been as bad as expected from the number of negative reports. works fine.”
    • This attracted a positive sentiment score of 0.3 – top 3%
  • Everything I wanted and more – 36 reviewers
    • 36 reviewers mentioned this game was “Everything I wanted and more”
    • This attracted a positive sentiment score of 0.26 – top 6%
  • Melina – 16 reviewers
    • 16 reviewers made a specific mention of the NPC guide Melina in their review
    • Average positive sentiment was 0.24 – ranked 19th / top 12%
  • 10/10 would die again” – 143 reviewers
    • 143 reviewers gave Elden Ring a 10/10 in their text review . Some others gave “10/10 would die again” in this group.
    • Average positive sentiment was 0.08 – top 41%


The Steam API provides a limit of 20.000 reviews for a single game. This amount of reviews have been downloaded with a simple python code and then saved as a csv file.


Understanding your product reviews can be incredibly time and resource intensive; however thanks to natural language processing and clustering we can streamline this to be efficiently.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us via our Slack community channel to learn how your unstructured data can be unleashed.

Elden Ring: Early Product Launch Review Analysis
Benedek Zajkas
March 21, 2022
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