Why use Relevance AI vs. Algolia?

Relevance AI is the Algolia alternative powered by the same AI tech as Netflix, Spotify and TikTok.

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We move beyond search to discovery

The team at Relevance AI tips our hat to the great work Algolia did pioneering instant search. Our mission is to evolve search into discovery. Every great product or content site is powered by a discovery engine. Our API helps you build yours.

Instant search, like Algolia
  • Lighting fast results
  • Typo tolerant (fuzzy search)
  • Filter, sort & facet
  • Instantsearch.js compatible
Understand meaning with AI
  • Understand synonyms
  • Understand context
  • Understand slang
  • Real AI, not rules and maps
Grow your discovery engine
  • Recommendations
  • Image search
  • Chunking & diversity
  • Clustering & aggregation
Example of search understanding synonyms with AI
Search is just the beginning

Instant search without having to know what an “index” is

Search is as simple as uploading data or inserting via the API. Then you can search, filter, sort and facet without any further configuration.

  • Typo-tolerant fast search
  • Filter, sort and facet with ease
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Engage users with discovery

Build a discovery engine that can read your user’s mind

Our API is built on top of a vector database. Vectors are the cutting edge AI technology behind discovery engines like Spotify and Pinterest.

  • Understand synonyms, slang & context
  • Drive powerful AI recommendations
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“Relevance AI allowed us to quickly deliver production-quality semantic search that our customers love.”

Image of Hugh Stephens from Sked Social

Hugh Stephens

Sked Social

“Relevance AI has unlocked features that our millions of gamers love. We are seeing they are now more engaged than ever.”

Image of Hugh Stephens from Sked Social

Jason Lee


Example of search UI with highlighting
InstantSearch.js compatible

We’ve built a plugin for InstantSearch.js components

Algolia made a great open-source library for creating pretty search UI. We’ve built a simple plugin that means you can use InstantSearch.js without any further config!

  • Works with InstantSearch.js components
  • Exactly the same functionality
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