Customer Feedback Intelligence

Today’s approach to uncovering customer insights is slow, manual, expensive and inefficient. Relevance AI is a new way to analyse customer feedback data at scale. From any source for actionable insights and drilldowns.

  • Spend hours with analysis instead of weeks
  • Categorize feedback and drill-down instantly
  • Analyzes context rather than exact keywords

More meaningful insights with less effort

Automate your analysis using our proprietary Natural Language Processing engine out of the box. Say goodbye to a manual, painful analysis process. Enjoy powerful, no-code AI features.

Clustering and sentiment analysis
  • Automated text summary
  • Surface common themes
  • Analyse sentiment
Root casue analysis
  • Drill-down into themes
  • Sub-cluster categories
  • Highlight key phrases
Link KPIs to qualitative text
  • Trend analysis with time series
  • Measure frequency and volume
  • Size the impact of common themes
Powered by Natural Language Processing

AI analysis with insightful drill down

Our AI understands the meaning of text. It finds linkages between context. No more traditional keyword matching and manual business rules.

  • AI powered summaries from all the feedback
  • Drill down with semantic search and filters
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Out of the box AI models
Out of the box AI models

Get started in minutes. No training or labelling required.

Get from 0 to 80% value quickly. Take advantage of our pre-trained, state of the art AI models.

  • Save time. Just plug and play
  • No in-depth expertise needed
Lightning turnaround speed

Understand your customers in real-time.

Ask your hot topics from your community and act on the insights within hours. Inform your decisions today with useful insights.

  • Conduct research more frequently
  • More informed decisions on a daily basis
RIP dashboards
RIP useless dashboards

One platform, for decision makers and analysts.

Spend less time communicating and interpreting insights. Use the intuitive presentation layer that takes care of conveying the results.

  • Self-explanatory insights
  • Automated presentation layer
Compatible with all data sources

All of your feedback channels. One platform.

Take advantage of all channels of unstructured data. Thanks to our vector technology, now all data can be turned into insights.

  • Take advantage of ALL unstructured data
  • Derive more insights from diverse sources

Enter the new era of text analysis

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