Unstructured data analysis for Construction

Leverage your unstructured data to make better decisions & reduce construction costs. Get actionable insights from text and images across thousands of project documentation, customer feedback and other sources. Extract project learnings and common trends and themes based on context.

  • Reduce construction costs
  • Improve customer experience
  • Uncover lessons learned from project reports

Analyse your documents full of inaccessible insights, at scale

Automate the analysis of unstructured data from project documents and customer surveys. Leverage our proprietary Natural Language Processing engine out of the box. Analyse the previously hidden insights. Enjoy the powerful, no-code AI features.

Clustering and sentiment analysis
  • Analyse qualitative description
  • Automated text summary
  • Surface common themes
  • Analyse sentiment and emotions
Root casue analysis
  • Analyse historical success criteria
  • Drill-down into common themes
  • Sub-cluster categories
  • Highlight key phrases
Link KPIs to qualitative text
  • Link to financial impact
  • Trend analysis with time series
  • Measure frequency and volume
  • Size the impact of common themes

“Relevance AI made our life much easier! Previously we had to read hundreds of documents and survey responses one by one. Now we can analyse thousands, with even less effort.”

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Operations Manager

Construction, Australia

Insights from lengthy project documents

Get actionable recommendations based on documented project learnings

Identify areas of improvement based on project reports. Learn best practices and mistakes from past projects. Connect project learnings with financial impact.

  • Reduce costs throughout processes
  • Trends across project learnings
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Defect analysis from unstructured data
Defect analysis from unstructured data

Identify common defects with high financial impact

Proactively prioritise defects before they have their full effect. Estimate financial impact based on similar items in the dataset.

  • Predict patterns in the data
  • Prioritise common, frequent defects
Qualitative feedback analysis at scale

Analyse open ended survey responses and comments

Our AI understands the meaning of text. It finds linkages between context providing actionable insights from open-ended comments.

  • AI powered summaries from open ended comments
  • Automatically structure and quantify qualitative data
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Analyse all your data sources in one dashboard

Your company collects a treasure trove of unstructured data in the form of open ended, qualitative text and image across a multitude of channels. See all datasets in one view and understand where information comes using the Relevance AI platform. Without the lengthly task of manual analysis, or training models and labelling data.

  • Building reports in PDFs
  • Defect management software
  • Project documentations in scanned PDFs
  • Emails to Contact Centre and Support
  • Archived customer surveys
  • Construction defect images in PNG
  • Numeric cost reports in CSV & TSV
  • Comments in ERP and CRM softwares

Enter the new era of unstructured data analysis

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