Go from Experiment to Application in minutes

In a few lines of code, deploy your workflows to customisable and flexible internal machine learning application that can be shared across teams.

  • Fully managed – no dev-ops or backend required
  • Prebuilt templates – No frontend code or UX expertise required
  • More time experimenting, less time on the presentation layer

No credit card required

No disruption

Deploy an application from your existing machine learning code.

Integrated with popular data science tools and machine learning models from Scikit Learn, Huggingface, Tensorflow and more.

  • Easy to use Python & JS Libraries
  • Optimized for developer experience
Try a live notebook

Application with flexible drill downs

Easily add drill down widgets to dive deeper on every machine learning application to quickly find relevant insights.

  • Keyword & Semantic Search
  • Filters & Facets
  • Sort & Recommendations
No more data team silos

Enable a truly collaborative process with fast deployments

Becoming data driven is a collaborative effort, align everyone and bring out the power of data by streamlining experimentation to deployment.

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