The vector platform for rapid experimentation

Build great vector-based applications with flexible developer tools for storing, querying and experimenting with vectors.

  • Rapid experimentations with vectors
  • Flexible vector evaluation tools

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Experiment with vectors at scale

We work with teams to enable vector features and rapid prototyping at scale. All of our functionality is available via API, SDK or dashboard.

  • 100+ million

    Weekly API requests

  • 1 terabyte

    Stored data

  • 3 million

    End users

Vectors power the world’s technology giants

Companies like Google, TikTok and Spotify use vectors to work with their unstructured data.

  • Google vectorize text for search
  • Tiktok vectorize video and audio for “For You”
  • Spotify vectorize music and lyrics for “Discovery”
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Developer tools for vectors

Experiment and deploy quickly and effortlessly

Store, experiment, search and compare vectors in only a few lines of code.

  • Easy to use Python & JS SDKs
  • Optimized for developer experience
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Learn how industry leaders are using vectors

Vectors are the secret sauce behind some of the most powerful features we use every day. Learn about how the tech giants take advantage of vectors.

Dive deep into vector experimentation

Highly flexible vector search that does not compromise on the traditional parts. Easily combine filters and exact text search with nearest neighbour vector search to create hybrid search.

Work with vectors
  • Multivector queries
  • Chunk search
  • Hybrid vector store
Combine with traditional
  • Keyword matching
  • Facets & filters
  • Aggregation
Analyse data
  • Clustering
  • Embeddings Projector
  • Evaluation tools
No third party store required

Seamless integration with metadata

Our JSON based hybrid store enables storing and querying of metadata and vector embeddings simultaneously.

  • No need to rebuild vector indices
  • Just insert your vectors and search
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Project your embeddings

Visualize, interpret and evaluate your vector space

Share how your vectors represent the unstructured data, then identify and interpret any biases with interactive visualizations.

  • Embeddings projector
  • Evaluation tools
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“Relevance AI allowed us to quickly experiment and deliver production-quality semantic search that our customers love.”

Image of Hugh Stephens from Sked Social

Hugh Stephens

Founder, Sked Social

“Relevance AI has allowed our app developers to experiment and unlock features that our millions of gamers love. We are seeing gamers being more engaged than ever.”

Image of Hugh Stephens from Sked Social

Jason Lee

Director of Business Development, Overwolf

Analyze your vectors

Vector features go beyond search

Vectors have many great use case beyond vector similarity search such as vector clustering for topic modelling, dimensionality reduction for interpretation.

  • Clustering for topic modelling
  • Dimensionality reduction
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Our team is here to help

Our data science team is ready to help walk you through exactly how you can use vectors to create value out of your unstructured data.

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