Unstructured Data Analysis for Every Team

80% of enterprise data is unstructured, hidden in text, image, audio data. Relevance empowers everyone with a collaborative platform to analyze unstructured data fast.

  • Get started quickly with no-code workflows
  • Actionable from any amount of data, no labelling required
  • Text, image, audio all in one platform

One platform, for all users

We enable global organisations to use, analyse and interpret their unstructured data. In many cases, for the first time ever.​

For Decision Makers

Unlock the huge potential in your unstructured data that would otherwise remain inactive and dormant – so more informed decisions can be made

Insights ​
For Business Teams​

User-friendly dashboards to help you surface, interpret and analyse insights​ that were previously unavailable

Workflows ​
For Data Teams

Turn your unstructured data into insights quickly with our SDK and Dashboard. Integrated with popular data science libraries.


Now anyone can visualise insights from unstructured data. Seamlessly.

Finally a way for you to analyse text and images, code or no-code. A task impossible with traditional BI tools.

Open, end-to-end Unstructured Data Platform

Everything you need for unstructured data analysis. Just add data.

With our platform you get everything you need to analyse unstructured data. And it integrates with the tools and services you use everyday.

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Top Use Cases

Built for all kinds of teams and industries.

No matter where you call home, Relevance AI is built to enable all teams & industries.

  • Retail & e-commerce
  • Construction
  • Gaming and mobile apps and more
Unstructured Data Analysis with seriously smart tools
Seriously Smart

Vectors power the world’s tech giants. We democratize this technology.

Companies like Google, Stripe and Stitch Fix use “Vector embeddings” to encode and operate with the meaning of data.

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Why users love Relevance AI?

There’s a reason why Relevance AI receives 100+ million weekly API requests and has 10 million end users​.

  • 100+ million

    Weekly API requests

  • 10 million

    End users

  • 200% more engagement

    Achieved for millions of users

  • Insights in minutes

    Instead of months

“Relevance AI allowed us to quickly deliver production-quality AI analysis from social media text and images that our 10k+ customers love and have used over 3 million+ times.”

Image of Hugh Stephens from Sked Social

Hugh Stephens

Founder, Sked Social – Top Social Marketing Platform

“Relevance AI has allowed our app developers to carry out unstructured data analysis that our millions of gamers love. We have seen apps where gamers are up to 200% more engaged.”

Image of Hugh Stephens from Sked Social

Jason Lee

Director of Business Development, Overwolf – #1 In-game creators platform

“Relevance AI has not only helped uncover the actionable insights from our unstructured data that helps save millions in repeated construction mistakes. Relevance also helped further align the business with the data team to become more data-driven.”

Image of Hugh Stephens from Sked Social

GM of Data Science, Listed construction company

“Relevance AI’s capabilities to analyze unstructured data has helped us surface to our users their bad tendencies and provide actionable recommendations to them that have increased our engagement and session times by 200%.”

Image of Hugh Stephens from Sked Social

Founder, Gaming website with 15 million+ monthly traffic

Learn how industry leaders unlock insights from unstructured data with vectors

Vectors are the secret sauce behind some of the most powerful features we use every day that heavily utilizes unstructured data analysis. Learn how the tech giants take advantage of vectors.

Enter the new era of unstructured data analysis

We’ll show you how easy it truly is to realize value from your data.

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